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Successful Operation Leads to Arrest of Two Scouts, One Who Assaulted Agent

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TUCSON, Ariz. – A recent operation conducted outside of Casa Grande, Arizona, resulted in the arrest of two scouts, one of whom assaulted a Tucson Sector agent.

The Casa Grande Station Mountain Team is well versed in the interdiction of criminal scouts.  The accomplished team, whose agents emphasize rapid response capabilities in remote and rugged terrain, are very successful in their operations.  This Memorial Day Weekend was no different.

Sunday morning just before 5:30 AM, the team launched a scout operation which targeted an observation post in the Sawtooth Mountain Range outside of Casa Grande, Arizona.  As agents carried out their detailed plan, they were well aware of the dangers these scouts pose to law enforcement agents.  Scouts, who are hired by criminal organizations to provide guidance to human and narcotic smugglers have already assaulted two agents in the past two months. 

Sunday morning was the third.  As agents approached the observation post, one subject assaulted a member of the team in an attempt to flee the rocky mountainside.  However, after a brief struggle and the deployment of pepper spray, agents were able to gain control of the subject and take him into custody.  Identified as a national of Mexico, the subject was charged with assault on a federal agent as well as attempt and conspiracy, a common charge for identified scouts. 

A second subject, also a national of Mexico, was arrested and is facing charges for attempt and conspiracy.  Additionally, he has an active felony warrant for homicide in Mexico.  Also recovered at the observation post was four solar panels, two binoculars, eight cell phones, two radios, and two radio chargers. 

In Fiscal Year 2015, Tucson Sector agents had 87 assaults which accounted for over 20 % of the assaults on Border Patrol agents nationwide. 

Last Modified: February 3, 2021