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Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol intercepts alien smuggling attempts

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EDINBURG, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents disrupted several smuggling attempts throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

Early Saturday morning, agents working at the Falfurrias Checkpoint conducted an immigration inspection on the occupants of a Dodge Neon. The driver identified herself to agents as a United States citizen and provided birth certificates for the three children in the back seat of her vehicle. During the inspection, a Border Patrol K-9 alerted to the trunk of the car and agents subsequently referred the driver to the secondary inspection area. Inside the trunk of the vehicle, agents discovered two illegal aliens attempting to conceal themselves under a blanket and luggage. Further questioning revealed that two of the children in the back seat belonged to the couple in the front.

Sunday afternoon, McAllen agents responded to a report of a vehicle picking up illegal aliens near Sullivan City, Texas. Responding units encountered the vehicle on Expressway 83 and conducted a vehicle stop. After a brief interview, agents arrested the driver for smuggling six illegal aliens.

That evening, the La Joya Police Department contacted the McAllen Border Patrol Station to request assistance in identifying occupants in a vehicle. Upon arrival, agents confirmed three of the occupants to be illegal aliens. 

Monday evening, Falfurrias agents referred a passenger car to secondary inspection after a Border Patrol K-9 alert. During the inspection, agents discovered three illegal aliens in the trunk.

Immediately after, agents referred a separate passenger car to the secondary area after another K-9 alert. Agents searched the vehicle and discovered two illegal aliens in the trunk.

This morning, Falfurrias checkpoint agents arrested a United States citizen after a foiled smuggling attempt of two illegal aliens concealed in the trunk of his vehicle.

Border Patrol referred the alien smuggling cases to prosecutions.

Operation Big Rig is a call to action for the community to get involved and call 911 if they see or are aware of smuggling or suspicious activity, “They’re humans, not cargo.”

Please visit www.cbp.gov to view additional news releases and other information pertaining to Customs and Border Protection. Follow us on Twitter at @CBPRGV.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021