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RGV Sector launches Support K-9 Program with “Chappie”

Release Date

EDINBURG, Texas – Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol is excited to introduce our newest family member, support K-9 “Chappie”.

“Chappie,” a 2-year-old Standard Poodle, is one of five dogs who recently graduated as members from the Border Patrol’s Support K-9 Program. Chappie’s handler is RGV’s own Border Patrol Chaplain Robert Hess from the Kingsville Station. Chappie had the opportunity to meet with the workforce throughout the sector and are excited to have him join the team. This program is a key addition to the agency’s resiliency efforts. Hess is uniquely trained in critical incident response to assist in this important endeavor, which is intended to improve workforce morale, assist with stress associated with critical events, and engage in community outreach.

During interactions with the workforce, “Chappie” was an instant hit with everyone and looked like he was ready to hit the ground running providing assistance should the need arise.

“As the Chief of RGV, mental health and employee wellness is super important to me. I welcome Chappie, our first-ever law enforcement support K-9, to assist our Border Patrol personnel from life’s tough times, stressors, and tension of working in a law enforcement environment”, said Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez.

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  • Last Modified: May 26, 2023