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Navigating the islands on the 4th of July? Update your CBP ROAM app

Release Date: 
July 3, 2019

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The summer is a favorite time for pleasure boaters to navigate between the archipelagos of Puerto Rico, and the US, and British Virgin Islands. 

In light of this, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued today a public reminder of the pleasure boat reporting requirements upon return to any US territory and that the most convenient way to report entry is the Reporting Offsite Arrival – Mobile (ROAM).

Download the latest version of ROAM The CBP ROAM app is a free mobile application that provides an option for pleasure boaters to report their U.S. entry to CBP via their personal smart phone or a tablet located at local businesses.

“We remind all users to update to the latest version, to ensure an optimal and smooth process,” stated Roberto Vaquero, Assistant Director of Field Operations for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  “The ROAM app should facilitate the reporting process for all boaters that pass through the Caribbean and arrive in Puerto Rico and USVI.”

To use the CBP ROAM app, travelers input their biographic, conveyance, and trip details and submit their trip for CBP Officer (CBPO) review. The CBPO may initiate a video chat to further interview travelers. Once the CBPO reviews the trip, travelers will receive a push notification and an email with their admissibility decision and next steps, if applicable.

Travelers using the CBP ROAM app may use the app to apply to become Verified Travelers and receive expedited processing on future arrivals.

Travelers should download the version 2.7.8 of the CBP ROAM app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

For any questions or concerns about the CBP ROAM app, please email us at

If you confront problems with ROAM you can still contact your nearest port of entry.

  • Puerto Rico 1 (877) 529-6840
  • St. Thomas 1 (877) 305-8774
  • St. John 1 (877) 305-8773
  • St. Croix 1 (340) 719-2857 

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Last modified: 
July 3, 2019