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  4. Narcotics smuggler flees from Border Patrol, crashes into civilian vehicle injuring two

Narcotics smuggler flees from Border Patrol, crashes into civilian vehicle injuring two

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LAREDO, Texas – Narcotics smuggler crashes into a civilian vehicle during a smuggling attempt resulting in injuries to civilians.

The incident occurred on the evening of Nov. 17, when Laredo North Station agents were advised of a possible narcotic smuggling attempt involving a sport utility vehicle near the riverbanks in West Laredo.  Agents responded to the area and encountered the suspect vehicle driving away from the area at a high rate of speed.  Agents attempted to conduct a vehicle stop but the driver failed to stop.  After fleeing from agents, the smuggler collided with a pickup truck next to the Home Depot causing it to overturn with two occupants inside. 

Once on scene, agents immediately provided aid to the trapped civilians.  Due to smoke coming from the pickup, agents extracted the occupants from the vehicle and stabilized them before Emergency Medical Services arrived.  Laredo Fire Department and Laredo Police Department arrived and provided assistance and the injured civilians were taken to area hospitals for further medical treatment.  A search of the suspect vehicle revealed bundles of marijuana totaling almost 460 lbs. with an estimated street value of $367,680.00.

 Laredo Sector Border Patrol Chief Patrol Agent Matthew Hudak said, “Whether smuggling persons, drugs, or other contraband, criminal organizations don’t care about the people they put at risk while committing their crimes. I’m thankful that the smuggler’s actions did not result in more serious injuries.”

Take a stand against these criminal organizations and report their activities such as human and/or drug smuggling by contacting the Laredo Sector Border Patrol toll free at 1-800-343-1994.

agent extracting citizens
An agent extracting vehicle occupants. 
Last Modified: December 29, 2021