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Large Groups Encountered in RGV

Release Date: 
April 5, 2022

Rio Grande City, Texas – In recent days, Rio Grande City Border Patrol (RGC) agents encountered 802 migrants in six large groups. Border Patrol classifies any group of 100 migrants or more as a large group.

Last night, RGC agents working in La Grulla, encountered a group of 155 migrants after they illegally entered the U.S. The group consisted of 52 family members, 17 unaccompanied children, and 86 single adults. The migrants are from Central America as well as Venezuela and Cuba.

Early this morning, RGC agents working near Roma, again observed a large group of migrants illegally enter the U.S. Agents apprehended 120 migrants and identified 50 as family members, 36 as unaccompanied children, and 34 as single adults. The migrants are citizens of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, and Peru.

Additionally, over the weekend, RGC agents apprehended four large groups of migrants that totaled 527. The countries of nationalities included: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Ecuador, Romania, and Mexico.

This fiscal year, Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents have encountered over 20 large groups. Large groups place a strain on manpower and resources due to the efforts required to transport that many people from remote locations which many times are not easily accessible for larger transport vehicles.

Border Patrol processed all subjects accordingly.

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Last modified: 
April 5, 2022