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Laredo Sector Canine Program Holds Graduation

Release Date

LAREDO, Texas – On September 9, 2016, staff members of the Laredo Sector Border Patrol Canine Unit held a graduation to welcome four Border Patrol agents to the program.   Border Patrol agents were honored in a ceremony in front of their peers and family.

Laredo Sector Canine Program Holds Graduation
LtR: Acting Assistant Chief Jose A.
Garcia; Border Patrol agent Eduardo E.
Valdez; Border Patrol agent Julio C. Tello;
Border Patrol agent Thomas Spears;
Border Patrol agent Ezequiel A. Ramirez;
Division Chief Anthony S. Good

Division Chief Anthony S. Good welcomed the agents and their families to this special ceremony to recognize the Border Patrol agents who have recently completed the Laredo Sector Canine program. “We all remember the events of September 11; Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of this tragic day.  Several agencies came together as one agency when Customs and Border Protection was formed in 2003. Our canine program has become one of the premier law enforcement canine programs in the nation, with over 775 Border Patrol canine handlers nationwide.  We lead the way in traditions and will continue with our legacy that the canine program stands for,” said Division Chief Anthony S. Good.

The 7-week canine handler program consists of a rigorous training course which includes a pass or fail exam at the end of the class. The Laredo Sector Canine program currently has 85 canine teams.

The Laredo Sector canines perform multiple duties, including track and trail, open-field searches, freight train checks, and the most utilized – traffic checks.  Established in 1987, the Laredo Sector Canine program is one of the largest in the U.S. Border Patrol -- and it is still growing.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021