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Laredo Sector Border Patrol Welcomes New Head of the Laredo North Station

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LAREDO, Texas –  Laredo Sector Border Patrol recently selected Michael S. Lata as the newly appointed Patrol Agent in Charge of the Laredo North Border Patrol Station.  The Laredo North Station is the largest station in Laredo Sector.  Laredo North Station’s daily duties include line watch, sign cutting, checkpoint operations, the use of all-terrain vehicles and freight train checks.  The Laredo North Station also operates one of the largest Border Patrol checkpoints, which is located on Interstate Highway 35.

Patrol Agent In Charge Michael S. Lata
Michael S. Lata, newly
appointed Patrol Agent
in Charge of Laredo
North Border Patrol

Mr. Lata brings with him over 20 years of Border Patrol service which started in 1997 in El Centro California.  Prior to taking charge at the Laredo North Station, Michael S. Lata was the Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge at the Rio Grande City Station in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.  Mr. Lata served in various leadership positions prior to his arrival in Laredo, which included: Attaché for Customs and Border Protection in East Africa, Assistant Chief Patrol Agent of the Blaine Sector Border Patrol, Assistant Chief of Special Operations at Border Patrol Headquarters, and CBP Congressional Liaison Officer.  While in his leadership roles, Mr. Lata was instrumental in the implementation of significant programs and operations critical to border security such as the Patrol Canine Program and Operation Jump Start, where twenty-thousand National Guard members were deployed to the U.S./Mexico Border. 

Mr. Lata holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Criminology from Northern Illinois University.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021