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Laredo Sector Border Patrol Rescues an Illegal Alien in Distress

Release Date
Sat, 06/24/2017

LAREDO, Texas – On June 21, 2017, Border Patrol agents from the Laredo Sector Border Patrol were working their assigned duties near a ranch in El Cenizo, Texas when they encountered a subject in distress.

 Agents assigned to the Laredo South Border Patrol Station were tracking a group of suspected illegal aliens near a ranch in El Cenizo, Texas when they encountered an unresponsive female showing signs of having suffered a heat stroke. The unresponsive female was abandoned by her guide when she could no longer keep up with the rest of the group.

Border Patrol Laredo rescues illegal alien in distress
Border Patrol Laredo rescues illegal
alien in distress

Once encountered, the agents called dispatch to summon Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for medical attention and transport to a hospital. Due to the fact that the unresponsive female was is an area not accessible by vehicle, the agents carried her to their vehicle parked serval hundred yards away. A Border Patrol Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) along with other Border Patrol agents were the first to arrive and began administering medical assistance to stabilize the subject and bring her core body temperature down.  The Border Patrol EMT and other agents were able to provide the necessary medical attention to the subject until EMS arrived. The subject was determined to be from the country of Guatemala. 

 “The fact that these smugglers abandoned this young lady in the unforgiving terrain and left her to die with temperatures sweltering over one hundred degrees demonstrates how callous and heartless these smuggling organizations are. Had it not been for our agents’ determination to locate every single person in the group, she would have not received crucial medical assistance within the golden hour and this young lady would have succumbed to the extreme elements.” said Laredo Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Gabriel Acosta.

The Laredo Sector Border Patrol will continue to warn against the dangers of people crossing illegally into the United States through dangerous environmental conditions.  Our Border Safety Initiative (BSI) is a humanitarian, bi-national strategy designed to reduce illegal alien deaths, educate and inform potential illegal aliens of the dangers and hazards of crossing the border illegally, and to respond to those who are in life-threatening situations. 

To report suspicious activity, call 1-800-343-1994.

Last Modified: Feb 03, 2021