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Laredo Sector Border Patrol Recognizes Agents and National Guardsmen for their Collaborative Efforts

Release Date: 
June 26, 2018

LAREDO, Texas –Laredo South Border Patrol Agents and National Guard personnel were recognized on June 25, for a joint effort to repair a major road hazard in the Laredo Sector’s area of responsibility in South Laredo.

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents from the Laredo South Station are assigned to a special unit called the Laredo South Trail Maintenance Crew, together with the assistance of the National Guardsmen, repair roads on a daily basis that are too hazardous for agents to utilize on a daily basis.

The crew, working in the extreme Laredo heat, work together relying on a tractor, pick axes and shovels to excavate the land and successfully combining their labor efforts to repair the hazardous road and establish mobility and access for agents patrolling the area.

“Restoration and improvement of these roads help increase the agents’ safety, response time and decrease potential damage to vehicles.  We are extremely thankful for not only our agents’ efforts, but our National Guardsmen for their deployment in supporting our mission of securing our borders,” said Laredo Sector Acting Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Anthony S. Good.

Laredo Sector recognized two Border Patrol Agents for their outstanding efforts and four National Guardsmen, who are currently assigned to the trail maintenance crew.

To report suspicious activity such as alien and/or drug smuggling, contact the Laredo Sector Border Patrol toll free at 1-800-343-1994.

Last modified: 
June 27, 2018