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Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended over 100 Individuals during three smuggling attempts

Release Date: 
November 15, 2021

LAREDO, Texas – Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended over 100 individuals in three separate human smuggling attempts.

The first incident occurred on Nov. 12, when a tractor-trailer approached the U.S. Highway 83 checkpoint.  Agents discovered people hiding inside the cargo area of the trailer.  Agents removed close to 40 undocumented individuals that were from the countries of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Later that evening, a pickup truck approached the primary lane at the Interstate 35 Border Patrol checkpoint. Border Patrol agents searched the vehicle and discovered 10 undocumented individuals.  All the individuals were from Mexico.  A couple of hours later, a tractor-trailer approached the primary inspection area at the U.S. Highway 59 checkpoint west of Freer, Texas.  During an immigration inspection of the driver a service canine alerted agents. A non-intrusive scan of the trailer revealed several individuals inside. Agents discovered over 50 undocumented individuals who were from the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

All three incidents, drivers and people apprehended were taken into custody to be processed accordingly.

Laredo Sector Border Patrol partners with many local and state law enforcement entities to keep our border communities safe. If you see something suspicious, report it by contacting our 24/7 hotline at 1-800-343-1994. Together, we can continue to uphold national security and combat illicit activity.

Last modified: 
November 22, 2021