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Knock &Talk Leads to 5 Arrests with Multiple Weapons/Contraband Seized

Release Date

YUMA, Ariz. El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents in a joint effort, arrested five undocumented individuals and seized multiple semi-automatic weapons. Such items seized included, two semi-automatic AR-15 rifles, four semi-automatic pistols, a single revolver, three sets of ballistic body armor, ammunition, and a cattle prod all inside a trailer home .

The incident occurred on Monday, Oct. 11, at approximately 6:05 p.m., in the desert area east of the city of Calexico.  Agents observed a silver Chevrolet Impala on Interstate 8 exhibiting signs consistent with human smuggling.  With a close proximity to the U.S./Mexico border this area is a known corridor highly used for human smuggling. Agents observed this vehicle travel to a trailer park in Yuma where the driver and its occupants walked inside one of the trailers.

With the developed information, agents proceeded to initiate a consensual request to inspect the residence. During the initial knock on the door, agents observed several individuals quickly run into a bathroom inside the trailer. Agents also noticed several firearms that were in plain view located in a bedroom. To proceed with caution, agents requested assistance from the Yuma Police Department and the El Centro Sector Special Operations Detachment.

Enforcement agents announced their presence on site and proceeded to conduct another consensual request which resulted in the five undocumented individuals, the only occupants inside, exiting the trailer. After a brief interview of the individuals, one of the undocumented individuals admitted to being the driver of the Impala and the caretaker of the trailer. 

All undocumented individuals were arrested and transported to the El Centro Sector Central Processing Center to be processed accordingly.

El Centro Sector agents took possession of the vehicle, weapons, and contraband to be administratively processed for seizure.

Last Modified: October 20, 2021