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Immigration Checkpoints Prove Hot Spot for Numerous Arrests

Release Date

YUMA, Ariz. – Numerous significant events during the past two weeks led to various arrests in Yuma Sector, including high speed flights from immigration checkpoints, smuggling and active warrants.

On April 14, agents directed a truck to secondary inspection at the Border Patrol immigration checkpoint on Interstate 8, east of Yuma, and discovered the driver had an extraditable warrant out of La Paz County for domestic dispute.

During an encounter on April 15, a canine team alerted to a vehicle at the same checkpoint. When agents directed the driver, a U.S. citizen, to a secondary inspection, the driver refused to comply and began recording agents with his cellular phone.  Agents positioned a tire deflation device in front of the vehicle but the driver maneuvered around the device and fled, almost striking an agent with his car. After a short pursuit, the driver stopped. Agents searched the vehicle and found 1.68 grams of marijuana.

Two smuggling loads were intercepted in separate incidents April 14 and April 15 from drivers attempting to pass through or around the Interstate 8 checkpoint. Agents arrested two smugglers, both U.S. citizens, and eight illegal aliens. All were arrested and will be prosecuted per Yuma Sector guidelines.

On April 21, a traffic stop in the Dome Valley area, normally travelled by smugglers to avoid the Interstate 8 checkpoint, resulted in the arrest of an individual with an active warrant out of Yuma County on a parole violation.

Another arrest at the Interstate 8 checkpoint on April 21 followed an alert from a canine. The canine team discovered and seized 11 pounds of methamphetamine, worth an estimated $33,000, and 14.5 pounds of cocaine, valued in excess of $164,000. Agents seized the vehicle and drugs, while the driver is being prosecuted per Yuma Sector guidelines.

During another encounter April 21, a vehicle sped through Blythe Station’s immigration checkpoint on Highway 78, near Palo Verde, California. After a short pursuit by agents, the vehicle spun out and came to an abrupt stop. Agents found six individuals in the vehicle to be illegally present in the United States.

All aliens arrested will be prosecuted for being illegally present in the U.S.; and the drivers for high-speed flight from an immigration checkpoint.  The latter is a felony, which can carry a maximum prison sentence of five years.

All uncooperative U.S. citizens, smugglers and those with active warrants will be presented for prosecution per Yuma Sector guidelines. 

Last Modified: February 3, 2021