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Identity Theft Attempt Stopped

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Douglas, Ariz. - U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers stopped a potential identity theft by arresting a man attempting to enter the United States using someone else's identity.

On March 18, CBP officers at the Douglas, Ariz., Port of Entry became suspicious of a man who was attempting to make entry into the United States. The man was identified as a 43-year-old Mexican national from Michoacan, Mexico. Further investigation revealed that the man had acquired valid legal documents belonging to a legitimate traveler and was pretending to be that person.

"Identity theft is a very serious crime," said Michael Humphries, Area Port Director for the Douglas/Naco Ports of Entry. "Because the potential for the criminal element to use this ploy to gain entry into the U.S. undetected is very strong, CBP officers receive special training in the detection and recognition of fraudulent documents."

CBP officers arrested the man and took him before a federal magistrate for prosecution proceedings.

In March, CBP officers stopped 41 additional cases of identity theft by individuals who were attempting to make entry into the United States by stealing the identity of legitimate travelers.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021