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Houston CBP is Super Bowl Bound

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Officers, technology head to Minneapolis to provide security


HOUSTON — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers working at various locations, here, will head to Minneapolis to support Super Bowl LII, next week.

CBP Truck Loaded on transport trailer
A CBP trucked to perform non-intrusive
inspections is loaded on a transport truck
headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In all, seven CBP officers and one vehicle will be assisting the security efforts in Minneapolis.

Among the first piece of equipment to depart Houston is a vehicle and cargo inspection system that officers use to obtain an x-ray like image of the contents inside cargo trucks. As they did during Super Bowl 51, CBP officers will inspect every vehicle headed inside the U.S. Bank Stadium before the Philadelphia Eagles meet the New England Patriots on the gridiron.

The officers are set to join their colleagues in Minneapolis, Minnesota and begin inspections Monday.

“Our officers are uniquely qualified to perform these types of operations because they do this job day in and day out at or ports of entry,” said Houston CBP Director of Field Operations Judson W. Murdock II. “Their training and expertise in this equipment is unmatched which makes our participation in this effort invaluable.”

Throughout the past year, CBP has been working with local, state and federal law enforcement partners in Minnesota to secure the various venues during the Super Bowl. As a law enforcement agency, CBP has an obligation to support other law enforcement agencies when requested.

The deployment of CBP’s vehicle to Minneapolis will not have an impact on CBP operations in Houston.

“We do not rely on one piece of technology to accomplish our mission,” Murdock said. “Instead we employ a layered approach to securing our ports of entry including capitalizing on our ability to examine cargo ahead of its arrival to the U.S.”

Last Modified: February 3, 2021