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Houston Air and Marine Branch Yields Major Enforcement Results

Release Date

Houston, Texas - Within a recent 72 hour period during the week of April 26, assets assigned to the Houston Air and Marine Branch provided support to varied ICE-led High Intensity Drug Task Forces targeting individuals who are criminally associated with major Money Laundering Drug Smuggling Organizations.

Aviation support proved critical due to employment of characteristic counter-surveillance techniques by these varied suspects. In addition, aviation resources supported ICE Special Response Team special agents during execution of varied federal search warrants.

This aviation law enforcement support culminated in the arrest of eight individuals, and the seizure of, among other key items of evidentiary value, $640,000 in illicit U.S. currency; approximately 160 kilograms of cocaine (valued at $5,120,000); approximately 1,700 pounds of marijuana (valued at $1,360,000); 12 assault rifles; six hand guns; and four vehicles.

No further information is releasable due to sensitivities associated with on-going investigative efforts.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021