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El Salvadoran Convicted of Homicide Apprehended in Rangeley, Maine by US Border Patrol Agents

Release Date
Rangeley, Maine

RANGELEY, Maine — On February 17, 2022, U.S. Border Patrol Agents from the Rangeley Station in Maine encountered a Penske truck partially blocking traffic. Agents approached the driver, Oscar Armando Reyes-Pais, determining that he is a citizen of El Salvador and present illegally in the United States.

Reyes-Pais was transported to the Rangeley Border Patrol Station for further processing and biometric checks. These checks revealed that Reyes-Pais was convicted of Homicide in El Salvador in 2008. Reyes-Pais admitted that he killed a woman in El Salvador and served 10 years for the crime. Reyes-Pais was also previously deported from the United States in 2019.

Reyes-Pais was processed with a Reinstatement of a Final Order of Removal and was referred for prosecution under 8 USC 1326.

“The arrest of this subject is another reminder of the important work that is being performed, every day.” said Acting Patrol Agent in Charge John Krause of the Rangeley Station. Houlton Sector Chief Patrol Agent William Maddocks added “These types of arrests occur across the nation and Houlton Sector is no exception. Border Security is National Security, and I am proud of the work my team in Maine does.”

Rangeley Station is one of six U.S. Border Patrol stations in Maine, all of which fall under the Houlton Sector Headquarters.  Agents assigned to the Rangeley Station are responsible for securing 86 miles of border between the United States and Canada, located on Maine’s western border with Canada.



Last Modified: February 25, 2022