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El Centro Sector’s 2022 Border Safety Event Brings Awareness

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CALEXICO, Calif. El Centro Sector Border Patrol successfully completed its annual Border Safety Event, Wednesday. This year’s event highlighted the dangers of crossing through the Yuha Desert. 

USBP Agents, local media and partners stand in front of border wall in El Centro Sector
U.S. Border Patrol agents, local media and various partners take a photo in front the U.S./Mexico border wall prior to hiking through a known known smuggling route at El Centro Sector's annual Border Safety Event, Wednesday.

A total of 27 people took part in this year’s event. Participants included local, federal, state, and medical stakeholders, along with members of local and international media. There were also distinguish guests such as the United States Attorney Randy S. Grossman from San Diego, Congressional staffers, and representatives from the Consulates of Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, and Guatemala that traveled to participate in this event.

Participants were invited to hike through a known smuggling route to experience firsthand the harsh conditions migrants face on their journey. The hike started from the border fence and proceeded 2.2 miles north to a final location where a rescue beacon was positioned. 

Those who finished the hike activated the rescue beacon, simulating a live demonstration of a rescue in the desert. This demonstration was provided by El Centro Sector’s Border Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR) Unit, who closely monitored all participants during the hike. One participant was administered an I.V. to illustrate a heat related illness such as dehydration. 

After the hike, Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino and notable guests spoke on the dangers of crossing the border illegally, particularly through the desert, in harsh terrain and extremely high temperatures. 

There were also several rotary-wing aircrafts on site, a UH-60 Blackhawk, an A-Star, and a REACH helicopter, to showcase the different types of air support units available to support Border Patrol’s mission.    

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  • Last Modified: July 15, 2022