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  4. El Centro Sector Border Patrol Rescues Drowning Undocumented Alien from All American Canal

El Centro Sector Border Patrol Rescues Drowning Undocumented Alien from All American Canal

Release Date

CALEXICO, CALIF.—This morning, Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro station rescued an undocumented alien from the dangerous currents of the All American Canal.

The incident occurred at approximately 5:10 a.m., when a Border Patrol agent operating a remote video surveillance system spotted two men swimming across the canal. The agent observed one of the men struggling to stay afloat from the rapid current. Nearby agents were immediately notified to respond to the crisis. Agents located the man, and successfully deployed rescue throw bags for him to hold onto. The agents pulled the man out of the All American Canal to safety.

The men were determined to be Mexican citizens illegally present in the United States. The undocumented aliens were transported to the El Centro Border Patrol station for processing and further evaluation.

This incident highlights the dangers of attempting to enter the United States illegally. It serves as a reminder that a moving body of water, such as the All American Canal, while appearing calm on the surface can be extremely dangerous. This further exemplifies the efforts Border Patrol agents undertake to preserve human life in the course of their duties.

The "See Something, Say Something" campaign is a simple and effective program to increase the safety and welfare of the Imperial Valley by bringing public awareness to the indicators of crime and other threats. The community plays a key role keeping our country safe by identifying and reporting suspicious or criminal activity. We encourage Imperial Valley residents to report any suspicious activity to the Border Community Threat Hotline at (800) 901-2003.


Last Modified: February 3, 2021