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  4. Detroit Metropolitan Airport CBP Officers Continue to Serve and Protect Throughout July

Detroit Metropolitan Airport CBP Officers Continue to Serve and Protect Throughout July

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Detriot- In July 2010, United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers and Agriculture Specialists at the Port of Detroit Metropolitan Airport processed more than 140,000 passengers, intercepted more than $533,000 in currency, and prohibited entry of 2118 agricultural products, meat items, and pests from travelers entering the United States.

During July, CBP Officers and Agriculture Specialists at Detroit Metropolitan Airport processed 744 arriving commercial aircraft, 21 private aircraft, and pre-cleared 600 passengers for a total of 142,700 travelers. Among these were 795 new immigrants to the United States. Enforcement Officers processed 45 foreign passengers that were denied entry or allowed to withdraw their application for entry to the United States due to a variety of reasons to include entering to live or work here without the proper visa.

One noteworthy case is the prosecution of a Philippine citizen who abandoned his status as a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR). He tried to re-enter the United States with fraudulent Philippine entry stamps. LPR's are allowed to travel, but cannot remain outside of the U.S. longer than 360 days without special permission. Once they are out over 360 days they are considered to have abandoned their status. The subject obtained the fraudulent entry stamps in an effort to circumvent the residency requirements of the United States. The subject is currently awaiting a hearing with the Immigration Judge.

CBP Officers processed numerous currency seizures during the month of July, intercepting $533,079 dollars from passengers who failed to declare their currency when entering the United States. It is not a crime to carry more than $10,000, but it is a federal offense not to declare currency or monetary instruments totaling $10,000 or more to a CBP officer upon entry or exit from the U.S., or to conceal it with intent to evade reporting requirements.

Agriculture Specialists intercepted 1310 plants and fruits, 630 meat products, 178 pests and 9 soil products during the month of July. Travelers returning to the United States from a foreign country are prohibited from bringing fresh fruits, meats, plants, birds, and plant and animal products that may harbor pests or diseases. The interception of these harmful items is a fundamental role for CBP in defending our agriculture industry.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021