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Cincinnati Customs and Border Protection Seizes Night Vision Equipment

Release Date

Chicago - Customs and Border Protection officers in Cincinnati seized 300 sets of night vision goggles being exported to Canada. Last month CBP officers identified the parcels, conducted research and working with other resources determining that night vision goggles were military grade. Further research indicated that the exporter did not have the correct licenses to export this type of equipment.

Each set of goggles included a carrying case, head band attachment, goggles marked NVS 7-3 and instruction manual. The goggles are listed as U.S Munitions List Article Category XII(c). Night vision equipment is controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) which requires a State Department export license. The investigation continues at this time.

"This is another outstanding seizure by our officers assigned to DHL operations," said David Murphy, CBP Director of Field Operations in Chicago. "Enforcing export regulations is an extremely technical and complicated task which these officers have mastered. This is yet another clear example of the commitment by CBP to keep the United States safe and our critical technology secure."

CBP has dedicated teams throughout the country who examine regulated or controlled shipments being exported. These teams are experts in the interdiction of illegal exports and preventing terrorist groups, rogue nations and other criminal organizations from obtaining U.S. Munitions List (USML), and Commerce Control List (CCL) commodities such as night vision, weapons and other technology which can be used against the United Stats and its allies.

CBP officers and agriculture specialists are stationed at the express consignment facilities located throughout the country. CBP works very closely with DHL to support or mission without disrupting their express consignment operations. CBP constantly conducts enforcement operations on international parcels and is always on the lookout for any type of contraband or prohibited items being shipped into or out of the U.S.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021