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CBP's Agriculture Specialists Stop Unpasteurized Cheese from Entering U.S.

Release Date

LUKEVILLE, ARIZ.—U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists at the Port of Lukeville discovered nearly 223 pounds of undeclared, unpasteurized cheese in a passenger vehicle May 6.

CBP officers referred a vehicle with California plates for an additional agriculture inspection when the male driver attempted to enter the United States. Prior to the search, the man declared only five kilograms of Mexican cheese. However, when CBP agriculture specialists searched the vehicle they located a commercial quantity of undeclared and intentionally concealed cheese. The concealed, unpasteurized ruminant cheese was seized for not meeting import requirements. The driver was fined for failure to declare the prohibited agriculture product and released.

Commercial quantities of regulated food products must meet the requirements of several federal agencies to be imported properly and safely.

CBP agriculture specialists have extensive training and experience in agricultural and biological inspection. Their historic mission of preventing the introduction of harmful plant and animal pests into the U.S. provides CBP with the expertise to recognize and prevent the entry of organisms with a potential to devastate entire segments of our agriculture-related economy.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021