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CBP U.S. Border Patrol Stops Cocaine Smugglers Again

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Blythe, Calif. - Drug smugglers failed again to pass hidden bundles of cocaine through the U.S. Border Patrol immigration checkpoint on Highway 78 on Friday.

At about 3 p.m., a 1999 Dodge Dakota with two occupants entered the checkpoint's primary inspection area. As Blythe station Border Patrol agents spoke with the driver and passenger, a Border Patrol canine team alerted to the vehicle, indicating the likely presence of hidden persons or narcotics.

Agents referred the pickup for secondary inspection where they discovered 13 plastic-wrapped bundles of cocaine stacked inside a hidden compartment behind the vehicle's firewall. The bundles of cocaine have a total weight of 31 pounds with an estimated street value of $1 million.

Agents arrested the driver and passenger, who were later turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration along with the cocaine and vehicle.

This is the third cocaine seizure in less than a week at the Highway 78 checkpoint. Last week agents seized a total 44 pounds of cocaine and 4 pounds of methamphetamine in two separate incidents.

To report suspicious activity, contact the Yuma sector Border Patrol's toll free telephone number at 1-866-999-8727.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021