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CBP U. S. Border Patrol Agents Arrest a Motorist at Checkpoint

Release Date

LAREDO, TEXAS—On May 12, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo North Station arrested a motorist who allegedly impeded them from performing their duties in accordance with statutory law that allows Border Patrol agents to stop and question motorists at Border Patrol checkpoints.

The incident occurred Sunday morning when agents assigned to the Laredo North IH-35 checkpoint encountered a male driver of a tractor-trailer approaching the primary lane. The agent asked the driver for his immigration status, but the male driver refused to answer. The subject was referred to secondary inspection in order to allow other commercial traffic to be inspected. The driver refused and turned off his truck, thereby obstructing the flow of commercial traffic.

The driver, identified as a 37-year-old male United States citizen from Laredo, Texas, was placed under arrest and turned over to Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) for alleged violations of federal law.

"Section 287 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act and subsequent Supreme Court decisions have established the authority for United States Border Patrol checkpoints. Anyone impeding agents' ability to carry out their duty of securing our nation's borders, including their duty at checkpoints, will be subject to arrest and possible prosecution," said Robert L. Harris, CBP Commander South Texas Campaign.

"We thank the Laredo and surrounding communities for their continued support for the United States Border Patrol, our agents and mission, including support for our checkpoint operations."

To report suspicious activity such as drug and/or alien smuggling, contact the Laredo Sector Border Patrol toll free telephone number at (800) 343-1994.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021