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CBP Swears in 10-year-old Officer

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4th grader among youngest in Houston ranks

Devarjaye Daniel gets sworn in with CBP
Junior CBP Officer Devarjaye Daniel
recites the Oath of Office for the
388th time as he joined CBP's ranks.

HOUSTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport welcomed the newest and youngest officer into their ranks, May 3, when 10-year-old Devarjaye Daniel recited the employee oath office.

“This is right up his alley,” said Theodis Daniel, Devarjaye’s father.  “He turned down a trip to Disney World because law enforcement is all he wants to do.”

CBP in Houston became aware of Devarjaye’s wish to be sworn into 100 law enforcement agencies and today makes the 388th times he swore an oath becoming a junior officer.

Daniel looks through a microscope
Junior CBP Officer Devarjaye Daniel
is looking for pests through a
microscope while on "duty" at
George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

“It was my distinct pleasure to welcome “DJ” into the CBP family,” said CBP Port Director Shawn Polley after administering the oath and before putting the new officer through some training.

Devarjaye's new colleagues introduced him to intellectual property rights violations, where he asked about a fake purse and contact lenses.  He then moved on to watch a CBP K9 team inspect a training aid and then sent the package through a non-intrusive inspection where he found a weapon “packed” in a shipment.

MRZR familiarization ride
Junior CBPO Devarjaye Daniel gets
a familiarization ride on a MRZR light
tactical vehicle for his training day
with CBP.

“Woah, somebody is going to jail!” he exclaimed as he inspected the package and pulled out an unloaded gun used for such training.

He then moved on to Special Response Team familiarization where he talked guns, ammunition, and vehicles.  He put on a helmet and excitedly boarded an MRZR light tactical vehicle.  He continued his first day by working with the one of CBP’s currency K9 teams where he watched the team identify a package with undeclared currency. He opened the box to find three large stacks of bills which lead to a big smile on his beaming face.

Junior CBPO Daniel was then given a behind the scenes tour of CBP operations at Bush airport where he watched fellow officers inspect travelers and examine their luggage.  While viewing the baggage x-ray monitor, he was able to discern apples among the clothing items of a traveler arriving from El Salvador.  His keen eye led to the seizure of the apples, as they are prohibited to prevent foreign pest and plant diseases.  

He ended his first day on the job by giving out hugs, shaking hands, telling jokes, and spreading joy. 

Junior CBPO Devarjaye Daniel is battling terminal cancer.  He is now a sworn officer of nearly 400 law enforcement agencies.

  • Last Modified: May 4, 2022