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CBP Seizes over $100K from Travelers

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Failure to report currency can result in its seizure

HOUSTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at George Bush Intercontinental Airport seized over $100,000 Dec.7 after travelers made repeated inaccurate reports about the amount of money they were carrying.

Currency stacks
CBP officers seized over $100,000
from travelers departing the U.S.

“International travelers can carry an unlimited amount of money traveling into or departing from the U.S., but are required to report currency over $10,000,” said Houston CBP Acting Port Director Steven Scofield. “Those who refuse to comply with the federal reporting requirements face the risk of having the currency seized.”

Two passengers, both U.S. citizens, traveling from Houston to Taiwan were selected for a baggage inspection. The travelers were given multiple opportunities to truthfully declare the amount of money they were carrying. The couple reported carrying just over $50,000, however, CBP officers found $110, 204 in the travelers’ respective wallet, purse, backpack and jacket.

The currency was seized by CBP as the travelers failed to properly report the money as required by U.S. law. The travelers were released to continue on with their travels.

Travelers arriving to or departing from the U.S. must report currency over $10,000. Currency is reported by completing FinCEN Form 105 and providing it to a CBP officer. Reportable currency or monetary instruments include currency, personal checks that have been endorsed, travelers’ checks, gold coins, and securities or stocks in bearer form. If you have questions, check out the CBP Info Center to find answers.

On average, CBP seizes $289,609 in undeclared or illicit currency a day at air, land and sea ports of entry across the United States. View CBP Snapshot to learn some of what CBP achieves on a typical day at our nation’s 328 ports of entry.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021