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  4. CBP Seizes More Than 160 Pounds of Cocaine, Hashish and Marijuana Inside an Aircraft

CBP Seizes More Than 160 Pounds of Cocaine, Hashish and Marijuana Inside an Aircraft

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Jamaica, N.Y. — An aircraft arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport was carrying more than passengers, it was also loaded with illegal narcotics. Fortunately U. S. Customs and Border Protection officers were there to ensure the shipment of illegal drugs did not reach its final destination.

On October 29th, CBP officers at JFK conducted an aircraft search on a flight arriving from Montego Bay, Jamaica. During their aircraft search they discovered 28 brick-shaped objects in two large blue folded duffle bags behind the side panel wall. Six of the brick-shaped objects were probed revealing a white powder that tested positive for cocaine. Six more bricks were probed revealing numerous pellets containing a brown tar-like substance that tested positive for Hashish. The last 16 bricks were inspected revealing a green leafy substance that tested positive for Marijuana.

A total weight of 28.88 pounds of Cocaine, 42.02 pounds of Hashish and 89.88 pounds of Marijuana was seized; the estimated street value for this seizure is approximately 1.2 million dollars.

“This seizure demonstrates CBP’s vigilance in the battle against the proliferation of illegal narcotics meant for distribution within the United States,” said New York Field Operations Director, Robert E. Perez.

  • Last Modified: May 23, 2022