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CBP Seizes Chicken Lollipops

Release Date

Internationally purchased pet treats pose risks

Chicken lollipops
These pet treats are chicken lollipops  from
Hong Kong .  Some foods  including  chicken
are prohibited or restricted from entry to the U.S.

DALLAS – U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists working at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport intercepted a shipment of prohibited and restricted pet treats, April 14, that was manifested as men’s sweaters.

The shipment did not contain sweaters but instead was chicken lollipop pet treats shipped from Hong Kong and destined for Highlands, Texas.

“Consumers are unaware that some international goods and products are prohibited or restricted because of the potential agriculture or biological risks associated with that product,” explained Dallas CBP Port Director Tim Lemaux.  “When we encounter suspicious shipments, we examine them and then act accordingly.  In this case, we seized the shipment to protect our nation’s agriculture industry.”

93 pet treats were seized
CBP seized 93 chicken lollipops  pet treats  in Dallas.

CBP agriculture specialists were examining imported shipments when they encountered a shipment manifested as men’s sweaters; however, when they examined it, they discovered 93 chicken-flavored lollipops with rawhide stems.  These items are not allowed in the U.S. due to animal disease concerns.

CBP agriculture specialists work to exclude introduction of foreign animal diseases such as Highly pathogenic avian influenza 2, Newcastle disease, Foot and mouth disease, Classical swine fever, and Swine vesicular disease.  These diseases can harm chicken and turkey flocks as well as potentially harm pigs.

All 93 lollipops were destroyed by steam sterilization.

Visitors to the U.S. are encouraged to declare all agriculture items they are bringing into the U.S. A traveler who declares an item that is prohibited or restricted may abandon the item at the port; however undeclared items that are prohibited or restricted can result in a civil fine. More information about bringing food to the U.S. is available here. On a typical day in fiscal year 2020, CBP intercepted 3,091 materials for quarantine including plant, meat, animal byproduct and soil.

  • Last Modified: April 20, 2021