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CBP in Savannah "Tunes" out Counterfeiters

Release Date

Savannah, Ga. - U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the Port of Savannah intercepted and seized 9,000 counterfeit electronic components, officials announced today.

The shipment had domestic value of $27,630, and a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $77,490.

The counterfeit electronic components were discovered in a container that had been designated for examination. CBP officers found 80 cartons which contained unassembled remote control audio changers and door panels to DVD systems. All items were marked with the trademarked "DVD" logos and found concealed in the shipping container. After determining the items violated trademark laws, the shipment was seized on April 6.

In March, CBP in Savannah seized over 430 complete counterfeit Home Theater Surround Sound Systems. They also bore counterfeit "DVD" markings. This shipment had domestic value of $33,651, and a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $67,598.

"Our officers and import specialists play an important role in protecting American consumers and businesses from fraudulent goods," said John Porter, area port director in Savannah. "These seizures are a result of their dedication and hard work."

To address the ongoing threat to domestic industries and the need to identify and interdict counterfeited goods, CBP works closely with private industry, U.S. government agencies and foreign governments to stem the flow of illegal goods to protect consumers and the economy. Please visit the CBP Web site.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021