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CBP Recognized as One of the Best Companies for Veterans for 2016

Release Date

Awarded 2nd place among prestigious companies

SAN DIEGO – In honor of Veteran's Day, Monster.com, in partnership with Military.com, set out to determine which companies are best in class right now for their veterans' hiring initiatives.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is honored to have been recognized and selected as the 2nd place finisher for the “2016 Best Companies for Veterans” list. The selection process started out with almost 50 companies, all with tremendous veteran hiring initiatives.

The percentage of CBP’s national workforce who are veterans is 28.8 percent, 6.1 percent of those veterans are with disabilities. This equates to 17,055 veterans within CBP’s nearly 60,000 workforce.

CBP continues to build its ranks with veterans too. CBP’s new hires during Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 who were veterans was 34.38 percent, while 11.83 percent were veterans with disabilities. CBP’s hiring goals for FY 2016 was 30 percent of all new hires, and 10 percent of all hires being veterans with disabilities. CBP is still finalizing its 2017’s hiring goals.

Many veterans who start with CBP, stay with CBP. In FY 2015, CBP hired 693 veterans. At the close of that fiscal year, 584 were still onboard with CBP; that is an 84.3 percent retention rate.

CBP does have people and persons focused on recruiting veterans. CBP has a full time Veterans Program Manager who advocates for the placement of veterans and transitioning service members into the Agency in all GS series and grades. CBP representatives attend national military conferences, advertise in military publications and on websites, and conduct various recruitment and outreach activities at military installations and affiliated organizations. San Diego County is a great area for this type of outreach.

In FY 2016, CBP recruiters, many veterans themselves, attended approximately 1,004 military and disabled-veteran recruitment events, e-recruitments, and briefings. As a result, over 100,000 applicants received information about CBP careers and positions. CBP also offers on-boarding, training or developing for veterans through its Office of Training and Development (OTD). OTD provides centralized training programs that directly affect operational success. Disabled veterans receive mandatory training consistent with their position. A wide range of elective courses are also available. There are mentoring, developmental opportunities and rotational assignments available to veterans to enhance their skill-sets for advancement within CBP.

For a local San Diego perspective, a city with a large military presence, CBP’s Field Operations that oversee security, trade and travel at our official ports of entry, has 680 veterans within their ranks of approximately 2,200 employees; that is 31 percent of its workforce.

Also, locally, the United States Border Patrol, San Diego Sector, which oversees security in-between official ports of entry, has 376 veterans within their ranks of approximately 2,400 employees; that is 15 percent of its workforce.

Nationwide, end of Fiscal Year 2016 statistics indicated:

AgencyVeteransTotal Employees
All CBP17,05559,221
Uniformed Components of CBPVeteransTotal Employees
Office of Field Operations7,74729,240
U.S. Border Patrol5,76019,534
Air and Marine Operations1,1581,660

Monster.com is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people.

Military.com joined forces with Monster to accelerate its growth and change the playing field for career and educational opportunities for service-members, veterans and military spouses.

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Last Modified: May 27, 2022