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CBP Post New Port Director in Dallas

CBP Port Director Jayson Ahern
CBP Announces Jayson Ahern as the Dallas Area Port Director.

DALLAS – U.S. Customs and Border Protection welcomed Jayson Ahern as the new Area Port Director at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Ahern officially assumed responsibility in late April and leads the day-to-day CBP operations at DFW, as well as the ports of Austin, Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, San Antonio, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City.

Ahern has over 15 years of federal service with CBP and most recently served as the Assistant Port Director for passenger operations at DFW before becoming its Area Port Director. Prior to that, he held roles at various CBP locations including As Sayliyah Army Base in Qatar, the United Kingdom, CBP Headquarters and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

When asked about his career choice, Ahern said, “Public service runs in my family. I knew very early on in life that I was going to work in the service of others. I have been truly blessed to grow up with parents who worked with a greater sense of community and selflessness.”

Ahern added that his mother was a nurse for over 40 years. “The passion and dedication to her profession truly let me understand that we all have a calling in this life,” he said. “Working to care for others is noble and her example has been a cornerstone of my career.”

Children often follow their parents’ line of work, be it soldiers, doctors, lawyers, or policemen; Ahern continued his parents’ devotion to public service when he joined the agency.  His father was well into his CBP career when Ahern took his oath of office.

“My father served in law enforcement for 33 years,” Ahern said. “His sense of service to the United States is unlike anything I have ever seen. His work ethic, dedication to others, and understanding of CBP’s mission are somethings I strive for every day. It has been the honor of a lifetime to wear the same uniform as him.”

Ahern and his staff will continue to focus on CBP’s primary mission of preventing terrorists and terrorists’ weapon from entering the United States while facilitating legitimate trade and travel. Specifically ensuring visitors to the U.S. meet the admissibility requirements and that customs and agriculture inspections occur for every traveler arriving to the U.S. through any of the eight airports under his authority.

To accomplish this mission, CBP leaders rely on new and existing technology and more importantly officers’ training, expertise, and experience. To those seeking development or promotional opportunities, Ahern offers this: “Whether it is a temporary duty to the southwest border, headquarters or even trying a new role within your own port, my advice to officers who ask me about career advancement, centers around a singular word, yes,” he said.

“Never lose the passion for this agency and the people we serve,” Ahern added. “Be open to all the different opportunities that CBP has to offer because understanding the full scope of our agency comes through experiences outside of your comfort zone.”

Ahern graduated from the University of Central Florida and joined CBP in 2008.  He looks forward to supporting the men and women of CBP and collaborating with the various stakeholders who work to facilitate trade and travel throughout his area of operations.

  • Last Modified: May 15, 2023