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  4. CBP Officers at the Brownsville B & M Bridge Foil Alien Smuggling Attempt and Detect Imposters

CBP Officers at the Brownsville B & M Bridge Foil Alien Smuggling Attempt and Detect Imposters

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BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS—U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the B&M International Bridge this weekend arrested an Olmito, Texas woman in connection with a failed alleged child smuggling attempt.

On March 23, CBP officers working at the Brownsville B&M International Bridge came in contact with a white 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis driven by a 23-year-old female United States citizen who presented a U.S. birth certificate for herself and her alleged two minor boys. A CBP officer referred them to secondary for further inspection and document review. In secondary, CBP officers discovered that the two minor boys were not related to the adult female traveler and that they were, in fact, citizens and nationals from El Salvador without legal documents to enter or reside in the United States.

Also, in two unrelated incidents at the Brownsville B&M International Bridge, CBP officers encountered two female Mexican nationals, ages 27 and 34, allegedly attempting to enter as imposters through the pedestrian lanes utilizing legitimate border crossing cards belonging to other people.

The three adult females were incarcerated pending appearance before a U.S. Federal Magistrate on criminal charges for violations of U.S. immigration law. The two minor boys were turned over to the custody of a Health and Human Services-Office of Refugee Resettlement facility where they will be temporarily housed.

Michael Freeman, port director, Brownsville port of entry, said, "Our officers' vigilance and exceptional questioning techniques have allowed us to intercept this alleged child smuggler and the two imposters over the weekend. People need to be aware that these are serious violations and that there are consequences to be faced when violating U.S. immigration laws."

Last Modified: February 3, 2021