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CBP Officers at Blue Water Bridge Arrest Imposter

Release Date

Port Huron, Mich. - U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Blue Water Bridge arrested a Mexican national on charges of false claim to U.S. citizenship and alien present without admission or parole into the U.S. after the subject was refused entry into Canada.

The subject claimed to be born in Puerto Rico and presented a Puerto Rican birth certificate and two state identification cards to the CBP officer. Initial examination of the presented documents revealed what appeared to be inconsistencies and the subject was referred to CBP enforcement officers for verification of his immigration status.

During the course of the interview, the enforcement officer noticed the subject had an accent not consistent with someone born in Puerto Rico. The following questions revealed that the subject was an imposter to the document. A query of the subject's fingerprints resulted in the discovery of three records indicating the prints were not those of a United States citizen but rather belonged to Ambrosio Calderon, a 46-year-old Mexican national who had been previously deported.

Calderon was arrested by CBP enforcement officers and is being detained pending an immigration hearing.

"CBP officers continue to do an outstanding job utilizing there training, experience and system tools to detect those who enter the United States by fraudulent means. Prior to the implementation of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative our officers had to review thousands of different entry documents, now with WHTI our officers can focus on one of the six WHTI compliant documents," said Port Director David Dusellier.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021