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CBP Officers Apprehend 3 for Attempting to Enter the U.S. Illegally

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San Luis, Ariz - U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the San Luis port of entry arrest three imposters and their suspected guide all within one hour of each other just yesterday morning.

"Customs and Border Protection officers perform a wide variety of law enforcement work at the San Luis port of entry. Identifying undocumented persons attempting to make illegal entry into the U.S. is just one of them," said Acting Port Director James Tong. "A very alert CBP officer single handedly identified and apprehended three impostors in quick succession. The fourth passenger applied for admission and an equally alert CBP officer referred him for secondary inspection where it was suspected that he was guide for all three impostors. The officer's alertness and quick action are to be commended and reflect positively upon the agency."

CBP officers who were processing travelers entering into the United States through the pedestrian lanes stopped the three individuals after they attempted to use genuine documents that did not belong to them. The first man attempted entry by using a Lawful Permanent Resident card; the second and third men applied by using U.S. Passports.

In addition, a fourth man, a 19-year old United States citizen, was taken into custody on suspicion of aiding the other three on their illegal entry attempts.

All four men were processed as immigration violators and either returned to Mexico after being barred from entering the United States or are being held in custody for possible prosecution.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021