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CBP in North Dakota Seizes Counterfeit Goods

Release Date

Portal, N.D. - U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Portal, N.D. port of entry seized a shipment of counterfeit goods with an estimated domestic value of $6,718 and a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $446,486.

On November 15, a rail shipment was targeted and examined for possible trademark violations. During the examination of the rail container, 3,309 pieces of counterfeit sunglasses and reading glasses were discovered. The merchandise, which violated intellectual property rights, was seized by CBP.

"Our CBP officers are working diligently at our ports of entry to protect businesses and consumers every day by combating the trade in counterfeit and pirated goods said Barbara Hassler assistant port director of trade. These seizures represent the commitment by CBP in protecting the American consumer from receiving fraudulent, inferior and in many cases potentially dangerous products."

CBP is a key player in the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Stopping the flow of fictitious goods is a priority for the U.S. government and CBP has designated property rights enforcement as a priority trade issue. The importation of counterfeit merchandise can cause significant revenue loss, damage the U.S. economy, and threaten the health and safety of American people.

With the growth of foreign trade, unscrupulous companies have profited billions of dollars from the sale of pirated goods. To combat the counterfeit trade, trademark and copyright holders may register with CBP through an online system that assists CBP officers and import specialists to identify fake merchandise.

CBP's enforcement strategy is multi-layered and includes seizing fake goods at our borders, pushing the border outward through audits of infringing importers and cooperation with our international trading partners, and collaborating with industry and other government agencies to enhance these efforts.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021