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CBP Laredo Field Office Business Resumption Update May 27, 2017 1430 hours

Release Date

U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Laredo Field Office

Business Resumption Update
May 27, 2017 1430 hours

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, working in close coordination with Servicio de Administración Tributaria, Aduana de Nuevo Laredo and other government agency partners have come a long way over the past five days to gradually re-establish cargo operations after suffering a once in 50 years severe weather event on Sunday, May 21 that inflicted significant damage on the cargo operations processing facilities of both CBP and SAT, Customs of Nuevo Laredo.

On Monday, May 22 CBP and SAT shifted processing of cargo operations from World Trade Bridge to Colombia-Solidarity Bridge and implemented a 0700-2400 schedule to facilitate trade processing.

At 1600 hours on Tuesday, May 23, CBP and SAT began to process empty tractors and empty trailers at World Trade Bridge for both importation and exportation.

At 0700 on Thursday, May 25, CBP re-established FAST/C-TPAT processing at WTB with the exception of medical and perishable merchandise. CBP is working in coordination with partner government agencies to bring online the capability to process these commodities in the near future. CBP and SAT have established temporary coordinated inspection operations at CBP facilities in Laredo, Texas, with all the services necessary to enable three lanes to process Free and Secure Trade (FAST) shipments.

On May 25, SAT at Colombia-Solidarity Bridge implemented a 24-hour schedule for the processing of imports to Mexico. CBP is providing the needed export lot staffing to support that operation.

Over the next 15 days, CBP will continue to work together with our SAT/Customs of Nuevo Laredo partners and with other governmental agencies in a coordinated effort to continue the phased approach to reconstituting operations at World Trade Bridge.

Given the current operational picture and repairs that remain outstanding on both sides, CBP/SAT will have partial cargo operational capability at World Trade Bridge on May 29 and will employ a phased-in approach utilizing risk-based management principles, which include routing of empties and FAST shipments to World Trade Bridge and other cargo modes to Colombia-Solidarity Bridge.

Business resumption protocols are in place to re-establish cargo operations in a timely, coordinated manner in both countries and trusted trader programs such as FAST are being taken into consideration.

CBP will continue to align facility reconstitution activities together with SAT/Customs of Nuevo Laredo ensuring that both agencies have the capability to process cargo shipments at the same levels and same time.

With regard to the extent of damages and repair timetable, GSA assessments are still ongoing for the structural damages sustained by the facility at WTB, hence, we are unable to project when all repairs will be complete or what the value of those damages will be at the present time.

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