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CBP Intercepts 13 People at Laredo Port of Entry

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Laredo, Texas - U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Laredo Port of Entry intercepted 13 individuals for alleged various violations of immigration law, including a Mexican citizen in possession of two counterfeit documents, March 7.

A 24-year-old Mexican citizen from Rio Verde, San Luis Potosi applied for admission to enter the United States as a pedestrian at the Gateway to the Americas Bridge. At inspection, the subject claimed to be a legal permanent resident of the United States and presented a Mexican passport with a stamp indicating permanent U.S. residence pending arrival of the resident alien card.

The inspecting CBP officer noted several discrepancies with the entry document and referred the subject for a secondary inspection. In secondary, CBP officers discovered the subject was not a legal permanent resident and had previously been removed from the United States. The subject also was in possession of a counterfeit resident alien card.

Over the course of the March 6-7 weekend, CBP officers at the Laredo border crossings intercepted a total of 12 other persons on various alleged violations of immigration law, including six impostors to border crossing cards or laser visas, five impostors to legal permanent resident cards, and one claim to U.S. citizenship with a document belonging to someone else.

CBP officers seized the documents in all 13 cases, which remain under investigation by CBP.

"Our CBP officers' training and observation skills resulted in the interception of multiple fraudulent documents and impostors," said Gene Garza, Port Director, Laredo, Texas. "In the course of fulfilling our mission, our officers are doing an excellent job of keeping our borders safe from the illegal entry of undocumented persons."

Last Modified: February 3, 2021