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  4. CBP Detains 15 Cuban Illegal Aliens on Monito Island

CBP Detains 15 Cuban Illegal Aliens on Monito Island

Release Date

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico - U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents detained 15 undocumented Cuban illegal aliens who landed on Monito Island in the early morning hours.

The Ramey Border Patrol station radio dispatch received a call indicating the arrival of the illegal aliens on Monito Island, a inhospitable small island between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

U.S. Coast Guard cutter Drummond confirmed the arrival of suspected illegal aliens to Monito Island and rescued 15 Cuban citizens.

USCG transported the 15 illegal aliens to the Mayaguez port of entry where custody was transferred to Border Patrol agents for immigration processing.

At the Ramey Border Patrol station the illegal incursion was documented, and all 15 Cuban illegal aliens were served with a notice to appear before an immigration judge at a later date.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021