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CBP Arrests Wanted Airline Crewmember

Release Date

San Juan, Puerto Rico - US Customs and Border Protection arrested Tuesday an airline crewmember who was sought out by Brevard County, Florida authorities.

Jhonatan Buitrago-Perez, 28, domiciled in Orlando, Florida, presented himself for inspection as a Jet Blue Airlines crewmember, after arriving at the Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport on a flight from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The inspecting CBP Officer referred Mr. Buitrago-Perez to secondary inspection where databases confirmed an outstanding warrant by Brevard County for grand theft charges.

The custody of Mr. Buitrago-Perez was transferred to the Puerto Rico Police Department for extradition.

"Customs and Border Protection is an agency committed to securing our borders while at the same time cooperating with other law enforcement agencies in the enforcement of US laws. CBP officers are always vigilant to detect individuals that have broken our laws and attempt to defeat our justice system." stated Marcelino Borges, Director of Field Operations for Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands

Last Modified: February 3, 2021