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CBP apprehends 8 Cuban migrants that land in Mona Island

Release Date: 
April 14, 2016

A small pekingese dog was brought by the group

AGUADILLA, Puerto Rico – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended 8 Cuban migrants, including a young child, after landing today in Mona Island. Along with the group a small pekingese dog arrived. 

The dog and a carrier at the AMO facilities in Aguadilla

The dog and a carrier at the AMO facilities in Aguadilla

“We continue to warn migrants of the dangers of reaching Mona,” indicated Johnny Morales, Director of Air Operations of the

Caribean Air and Marine Branch. “Migrants have drowned as smugglers have forced them to swim to the shore.”

CBP Air and Marine Operations (AMO) contacted the Ramey Border Patrol Station, indicating the landing of a group of undocumented immigrants, which claimed to be Cuban nationals.

“CBP continues to promote safe, legal and orderly migration from Cuba under our Migration Accords and deter dangerous and illegal migration from Cuba,” stated Ramiro Cerrillo, Ramey Sector Chief Patrol Agent.

A CBP AMO helicopter transported the group and the dog today to Aguadilla where Border Patrol Agents assumed custody for screening and processing.

Importing animals is closely regulated for public health reasons and also for the well-being of the animals. There are restrictions and prohibitions on bringing many species into the United States.  CBP AMO consulted with the Centers for Disease Control regarding this arrival.

The dog had been vaccinated and following CDC dog importation regulations the owner will have to have the pet confined for at least 30 days.   By confinement it is meant by the CDC as "restriction of an animal by the owner or his agent to a building or other enclosure in isolation from other animals and from persons except for contact necessary for its care, or, if it is allowed out of such enclosure, muzzling the animal and keeping it on a leash."

For guidance as to the importation or entry of pets into the US, visit our site at

On March 18, a group of 11 Cubans, reached Mona.  During the FY 2016, the Ramey Border Patrol Sector has apprehended 151 Cuban migrants.

The Administration has no plans to change the current immigration policy toward Cuba or seek legislative changes in relation to the Cuban Adjustment Act.

CBP maintains a strong position regarding the enforcement of our immigration laws along the country's borders and coastal areas.

After admissibility processing at the Border Patrol Station, Cuban nationals will receive a Notice to Appear (NTA) before an Immigration Judge, for further proceedings under the Cuban Migration Agreement of 1995 and the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966.

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February 3, 2021