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Border Patrol Seizes Ultralight Aircraft

Release Date

On Monday night, El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents tracked and seized an ultralight aircraft that made a cross-border incursion from Mexico and landed in the United States.

At approximately 10:45 p.m., Border Patrol agents on the ground observed an ultralight aircraft fly over the international border from Mexico into U.S. airspace.  The aircraft was operating without any lights. Agents tracked the aircraft from the ground where it landed on an agricultural field road near Holtville, California.

Border Patrol agents arrived at the landing area just moments later, but were not able to find the pilot who abandoned the aircraft. No drugs or other contraband were found. 

“The ultralight aircraft was not outfitted to transport narcotics,” said Assistant Chief Patrol Agent, David S. Kim.  “Our agents were able to detect, track, and ultimately seize this ultralight by being vigilant in their duty to keep the people of this country safe.  Ultralight aircraft have be used in the past to smuggle narcotics, and they also pose a grave danger to legitimate aircraft operating in the area.”

This incident is still being investigated.

Last Modified: May 24, 2022