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  4. Border Patrol Seizes More than $1.5 Million of Marijuana Near Laredo, Texas

Border Patrol Seizes More than $1.5 Million of Marijuana Near Laredo, Texas

Release Date

Laredo, Texas - Hebbronville, Texas Border Patrol agents assigned to Market Road checkpoint Friday seized a significant amount of marijuana and arrested one subject.

Agents referred a white 1999 Freightliner tractor trailer driven by a 27-year old male U.S. Citizen from Edinburg, Texas. While the agent was conducting an immigration inspection of the driver, he noticed that the driver was becoming noticeably nervous. At this time, a service canine performed a cursory search and subsequently the service canine alerted to the trailer which was then referred to secondary for further inspection.

At secondary, agents opened the trailer door and utilized the service canine again to perform another search of the cargo, which contained several pallets of miscellaneous sodas, inside the trailer. The canine alerted once again and after a thorough search of the trailer, agents discovered a false compartment within the cargo. The agents disabled the false compartment where they discovered bundles wrapped in cellophane that tested positive for marijuana.

A total of 185 bundles of marijuana were extracted, with a total weight of 1,957 lbs., an estimated value of $1,565,600.

The Drug Enforcement Agency took custody of the subject, tractor-trailer and the marijuana.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021