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Border Patrol Seizes More than $1.5 Million of Marijuana

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Tucson, Ariz. - U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Tucson Sector seized approximately 1,940 pounds of marijuana Tuesday worth more than $1.5 million in two separate incidents.

In the West Desert, agents assigned to the All-Terrain Vehicle unit (ATV) from the Ajo Station tracked a group of suspected illegal aliens for several miles resulting in the discovery of 37 bundles of marijuana and the apprehension of five subjects. The marijuana and subjects were transported to the Ajo Border Patrol Station for processing. The marijuana weighed more than 1,680 pounds and had an estimated value of more than $1.3 million.

In a separate incident, agents working the Interstate 19 Checkpoint seized more than 250 pounds of marijuana in a vehicle. The marijuana, valued at more than $200,000, was taken to the Nogales Border Patrol Station along with the vehicle and driver for processing.

Technology is a great advantage for the Border Patrol, but traditional tracking skills have never let the Border Patrol down. Specialty units, such as the ATV unit, continue to be effective in remote areas that are normally impassable with standard vehicles. Checkpoints continue to play a vital role in the Border Patrol's defense-in-depth strategy. From Oct. 1, 2009, to August 31, 2010, the Tucson Sector Border Patrol seized more than 943,000 pounds of marijuana valued in excess of $754 million.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021