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Border Patrol’s ATV Unit Apprehends Group in the Canyon Bluffs of the Chianti Mountains

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PRESIDIO, Texas– U.S. Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Presidio Border Patrol Station apprehended a group 17 illegal aliens in the canyon bluffs of the Chianti Mountains.


“Even in some of the most rugged and desolate areas of West Texas, you can find our agents carrying out their law enforcement duties and upholding the core values of the United States Border Patrol.” Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent Matthew Hudak said, “Their ability to expertly navigate through such rugged terrain and apprehend these individuals, speaks volumes of the character and dedication of our agents in keeping our communities safe.”

Chinati mountains apprehension.
Chinati mountains apprehension.


On October 23, Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Presidio Station All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Unit were performing normal patrol duties when they encountered the foot sign of suspected illegal aliens near the Rio Grande River west of Presidio, Texas.  The agents followed the foot sign through the canyons of the Chianti Mountains.  Agents encountered the 17 subjects approximately 13 miles from the river in a remote part of the Chianti Mountains.

 It was determined that all of the subjects were illegally present in the United States and citizens of Guatemala and Mexico.  All subjects were processed according to applicable immigration laws.


Big Bend Sector Border Patrol agents, patrol 517 miles of the southwest border, an area that extends from Sierra Blanca, Texas to Sanderson, Texas. The Presidio Station area consists of the southern half of Presidio County, the third largest county in the state of Texas. The station is responsible for 113.8 border miles between the U.S. and Mexico and 1,100 square miles of area of responsibility. The U.S. Border Patrol is made up of over 19,000 brave men and women who courageously secure our nation’s borders.  Help us secure our homeland, find out more at cbp.gov/careers.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021