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Border Patrol, Local Law Enforcement Help Reunite Mother and Son

Release Date

Lake Charles, La. - Within minutes of receiving a lookout that originated with the Houston Police Department, U.S. Border Patrol agents from the New Orleans Sector located a missing child on Thursday.

The two-year old Houston boy was reported missing by his mother who believed that the boy's estranged father had taken custody of him and fled to the New Orleans area. Border Patrol agents received the information from the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office and within 30 minutes of receiving the information, located the child and estranged father at a bus station in Lake Charles, La.

The boy's mother traveled from Houston and was reunited with her son in Lake Charles. Houston PD and the Calcasieu Sheriff's Office continue to investigate the case.

This case shows the improved communications and strengthened partnerships between the Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies throughout New Orleans and the multi-state area that defines the Border Patrol's New Orleans Sector's area of responsibility. On this occasion, the unified efforts of the involved law enforcement agencies verified the welfare of a small child within minutes of receiving the information. These types of unified efforts are employed to make our communities and borders safer places.

  • Last Modified: February 3, 2021