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  4. Border Patrol Agents Rescue 18 Undocumented Immigrants

Border Patrol Agents Rescue 18 Undocumented Immigrants

Release Date

LAREDO, TEXAS—On March 27, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Cotulla Border Patrol station encountered 18 subjects during a routine freight train inspection. A service canine alerted to the possible presence of contraband or concealed humans within the trailer.

Agents encountered the 18 undocumented aliens concealed inside a trailer that was being transported on a flat railcar. The trailer was locked; therefore the subjects could not have escaped without external assistance. The agents quickly broke off the bolt that was used to lock the trailer and discovered the subjects. Although the roof of the trailer had a small opening for ventilation it was not intended as an exit point for the people to escape.

The subjects were immediately evaluated by the agents and all declined further medical attention and all appeared to be in good health. A total of 14 Mexican nationals; 2 Honduran nationals and 2 Guatemalan nationals were apprehended and processed accordingly.

Laredo Border Patrol sector currently has 73 EMT certified agents, 15 paramedics and have rescued a total of 290 individuals in fiscal year 2012.

To report suspicious activity such as drug and/or alien smuggling, contact the Laredo sector Border Patrol toll free telephone number at (800) 343-1994.

  • Last Modified: February 3, 2021