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Border Patrol Agent, Agent's Daughter, Neighbor Credited for Saving Elderly Woman's Life

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TUCSON, Ariz. – A Border Patrol agent assigned to the Douglas Border Patrol Station was getting ready for work on Nov. 10 when a young boy knocked on his door, asking for help.

According to Border Patrol Agent Robert Hughes, the child told him his mom had called 911 because an older woman was unconscious on the sidewalk and his mother was performing CPR.

Agent Hughes ran out of his house to where the boy’s mother was performing CPR and took over.

A short time later, Sydney Sandoval, Hughes’ daughter and a certified Emergency Medical Technician, also assisted until the Sierra Vista Police Department and Medical Emergency Services arrived. 

The 77-year-old woman had been walking her dog when she suffered a heart attack and collapsed, Hughes learned after the woman was transported to Canyon Vista Medical Center.

According to the Sierra Vista Police Department’s report, “The CPR performed by BPA Hughes and others saved the woman’s life.”

Tucson Sector’s Chief Border Patrol Agent Paul Beeson said Hughes demonstrated a level of commitment he sees in all agents under his command. “This act of heroism is an example of the kindness and compassion that Border Patrol agents embody within our communities,” said Beeson. “A Border Patrol agent, an EMT and a civilian came to the rescue of an elderly woman without giving it a second thought. It was a perfect illustration of how Arizonans care about their neighbors, and it shows that our Border Patrol agents are equally a part of the communities in which they live and serve.”

Last Modified: February 3, 2021