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Border Agents Seize Marijuana in N.M. and Capture Wanted Sexual Offender

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LORDSBURG, N.M – U.S. Border Patrol Agents in southern New Mexico seized nearly 400 pounds of marijuana and arrested a wanted sexual offender on August 25 in southern New Mexico.

Lordsburg Station agents were patrolling a notorious smuggling area in the boot-heel of New Mexico when they were alerted by other agents to the presence of several subjects walking north from the international boundary.  Agents could see the subjects were carrying large backpacks.  They responded and discovered footprints and began to follow them. Agents came upon four persons trying to hide in the desert brush. An agent and his canine partner searched the area and located a total of 16 burlap-wrapped backpacks. 

The subjects and backpacks were transported to the Lordsburg Border Patrol station, where the contraband was field tested and confirmed to be marijuana.

The four subjects were identified as 23-year-old Jesus Tadeo Oracio, 33-year-old Paco Rascon Ponce, 27-year-old Miguel Garcia Ortega, and 25-year-old Mario Paredes Miranda, all from Mexico.

The 388 pounds of contraband are valued at approximately $310,000.  The contraband and the subjects were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration pending federal prosecution.

In a separate event early on August 28, Santa Teresa agents were on all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) east of the Santa Teresa Port of Entry when they found footprints of several subjects. The tracks led north of the United States/Mexico international boundary in desolate and rugged terrain.  Agents apprehended four subjects trying to hide. All of the subjects entered the U.S. illegally, and were transported to the Santa Teresa Station for further processing.

During processing, it was determined that one subject, a 34-year-old Mexican National named Jesus Santizo Rodrigues, had an extensive criminal history which included a conviction on “Consensual Sexual Intercourse-with-a-Child-Under-18-Years-of-Age” from Culpeper County, in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The subject was transported to the Otero County Prison to await criminal prosecution.         

These latest incidents demonstrate the vigilance by U.S. Border Patrol Agents U.S. Border Patrol and their ability to rapidly respond to combat the furtherance of dangerous criminals and illicit drugs along southwest border communities.

Last Modified: May 24, 2022