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Atlanta CBP at Super Bowl 52

Release Date

Officers in Minneapolis providing security

and learning ahead of SB53

ATLANTA U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers from Office of Field Operations Atlanta are in Minneapolis to support Super Bowl LVII, this week.
CBP officers and supervisors are assisting the security efforts in Minneapolis while gathering experience valuable when Atlanta hosts Super Bowl LVIII February 3, 2019

CBP Office of Field Operations inspect
vehicles heading to Super Bowl 52

The officers are working alongside their colleagues in Minneapolis and participating in operational briefings important to the mission of keeping all safe at this major planned sporting event.

“Having our Atlanta based officers working side by side with our local, state and federal partners at this year’s Super Bowl will provide us with valuable information as we work to prepare for Atlanta’s hosting of the Super Bowl 53 next year,” said Atlanta CBP Director of Field Operations Donald F. Yando. “We are proud to collaborate with our law enforcement associates to combine our resources, tools and techniques as we work toward our shared goal of protecting the American public.”

Leading up to this year’s Super Bowl, CBP has been working with local, state and federal law enforcement partners in Minnesota to secure the various venues during the Super Bowl. As a law enforcement agency, CBP has an obligation to support other law enforcement agencies when requested.

CBP OFO working NII ops at SB52
CBP Office of Field Operations inspect
vehicles heading to Super Bowl 52

The deployment of CBP’s officers to Minneapolis will not have an impact on CBP operations in Atlanta.

CBP Office of Public Affairs has imagery available from this year’s Super Bowl at our DVIDS and Flicker account.


Last Modified: February 3, 2021