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Atlanta CBP Explains How Travel Programs Can Help Speed Your Entry

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ATLANTA — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is ready as the busiest three months of international travel are upon us and if you are traveling internationally you may not be aware of the options available to expedite your entry or return into the United States. CBP has many new advances in technology to help travelers sail through the entry process at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) this summer.

APC kiosks at Atlanta Int. Airport
Automated Passport Control kiosks
ready for International passengers at
ATL airport

“The United States has been and continues to be a welcoming country and CBP remains committed to facilitating lawful travel to the United States,” said Acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. “In the spirit of this commitment, CBP has deployed innovative programs and technology including Trusted Traveler Programs, Automated Passport Control kiosks and Mobile Passport Control to make the arrival process as efficient and as quick as possible while maintaining our dual mission of border security and travel facilitation.”

“Several programs are available for travelers when they arrive in the U.S. but many may not be familiar with the options or how they work,” said Carey Davis, Atlanta Area Port Director. “The fastest and most efficient way to ensure a smooth entry into the U.S. is to sign up for Global Entry. However, we also have other options that are very helpful both with clearing CBP expeditiously and ensuring the safety and security of our nation that do not require enrollment prior to taking a trip.”

The Global Entry Program provides expedited clearance for pre-approved low-risk international travelers and members of these programs can expect expedited processing when entering the United States using automated kiosks at airports throughout the nation including ATL. As an added benefit, Global Entry members are also eligible to participate in the TSA Pre✓™, the Transportation Security Administration’s expedited security program. Travelers must apply for membership through the Global On-line Enrollment System (GOES) and complete an interview with a CBP officer to be enrolled. The program costs $100 and is valid for five years.

In addition to CBP’s Trusted Traveler programs, there are other new options to help speed your entry as well. U.S. and Canadian citizens as well as citizens of eligible Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries can use Automated Passport Control (APC) or Mobile Passport Control (MPC) to complete the CBP process.

Similar to Global Entry, Automated Passport Control allows U.S. citizens, Canadian citizens and VWP travelers to use an automated kiosk to respond to CBP inspection related questions and submit their flight and biographic information before reaching a CBP officer. Travelers then just bring their receipt and travel documents to an officer to complete the process and can do so as a family, speeding the time it takes to get through the process.

Mobile Passport Control at ATL airport
Mobile Passport Control ready for 
International passengers at ATL

Mobile Passport Control is the newest option available and can be used by U.S. and Canadian citizens to start their CBP processing before they even reach a CBP facility. Travelers will need to download the MPC app and create a profile with their passport information but then can submit their flight information, answer CBP inspection-related questions and take a picture without ever having to stop at a kiosk or booth. Travelers will be issued an electronic receipt with a QR code that they bring to a CBP officer to complete the CBP inspection and are on their way.

To ensure the efficiency of any of these programs, all travelers must have the proper travel documents, declare all goods and to be aware of prohibited items. Visit the Know Before You Go section of the CBP website for additional information and tips on clearing CBP.

Last Modified: February 3, 2021